Lighthouse Baptist Church
of Citrus Springs

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How can a child focus on solving a math problem or
memorizing a new word when she or he is trying to ignore the
persistent pangs of hunger?

Across the country, teachers and school nurses have found
that in some instances, Monday morning comes and they are
forced to compete against hunger for the attention of their
students. More than 18 million children qualify for free or
reduced price meals through the National School Lunch
Program, the fuel that they need to get them through the week.
What happens to these children when they go home over the

We partner with Food-4-kids,Inc. to Help get the food into the
hands of the children that need it the most on the weekends.
This is a 501(c)3 charity that has Volunteers from local
Churches that fill backpacks with wheels on Thursday and they
are given to the children on Friday before they leave school for
the weekend. Every backpack is lovingly filled with enough
food for the student and his/her school age sibling to have 3
meals on Saturday and the same on Sunday.

Please help us pray for this Ministry that helps over 255
Children that would otherwise not have a meal during the
weekend. If you would like to donate your time, talents or
treasures to this Ministry please either notify us here at Church
or their address is    
                                      PO Box 262 Dunnellon, Fl. 34430-262

Or contact and Like them on